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Another week gone, and here we are with some exciting new releases.Take a look at what’s in store for you this weekend.Following are the movies released this week.

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1.Jolly LLB:

jolly llb

This is an interesting and release this week,starring two of the best comedian’s present today in Bollywood,Arshad Warsi and Boman Irani.It’s a story of a lawyer(Arshad warsi) who is very well known to lose even simplest of cases trying to become popular by competing against the best lawyer(Boman Irani),and trying his very best to beat him so that he could be popular.

This movies is a complete blend of fun , satires and a great story line  up that is realistic enough  to make you believe that this sure does happens in real life.It is a must watch and is a complete paisa vassol.


2.The Call:

the call

This one’s a suspense movie featuring Halle berry in lead role.Halle berry is working in Los Angeles as a 911 operator.The movie is all about halle berry not able to help a girl when she is in trouble and then halle berry thinks she is responsible for the death of the girl and it was her mistake.Months after this incident,halle berry is now training 911 operators,a new 911 operator who is not able to handle a call from a girl in problem is taken by halle berry.She thinks that this is her time to make things right for what happened six months ago  with the girl whose call she handled.

This movie is all about guilt that halle berry had because of what happened with the girl she was not able to help.Though the script is not much powerful,the suspense created is great, but at times  it’s lost and the story becomes weak.


3. 3G:


A thriller and horror movie starring Neil Nitin Mukesh and the pretty Sonal Chauhan.Neil in this movie is a character who see’s dead people and is at times with his looks and scary and demonic eyes provides thriller in the movie.The story starts when the couple Neil and Sonal go on for a vacation which involves less clothes kissing and then suddenly things change and the horror parts starts when Neil starts his satanic character.Sonal though has less to do and to wear in this movie,does commendable job with her sexy outfits and looks.


4.Mere Dad Ki Maruti:

mere dad ki maruti

Punjabi’s as we all know are always fun to be around.They are energetic and full of craziness,this movie depicts a punjabi behaviour perfectly.The movie is all about a lost Maruti Ertiga which was supposed to be given as a gift( or dowry) in a wedding for the daughter of Tej Khullar(Ram Kapoor).And the car is lost by none other than his own son Sameer(Saqib saleem),who instead of finding the car keeps on finding new methods to replace the car. This movie is a complete fun roller coaster ride and i would sure recommend you to go watch it and you will surely thank me.

Do let us know about your experience and your own reviews about these movies through your valued comment.

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