Google Adsense Pin Verification Instantly Without Any Issues

Google Adsense,one of the most popular name among bloggers worldwide,and why shouldn’t it be it has helped  many bloggers to make the most out of their blog’s online.Bloggers have been generating revenue from their blogs with the help of Google Adsense and are quite happy with it.But Google does not simply let’s you to enjoy these benefits,your blog has to qualify for Google Adsense and meet some terms and conditions set up by Google.

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After you have applied for a Google Adsense account with your blog,you will have to wait for some time to get it verified.After your application has been reviewed by Google by checking  your blog content and how unique and original it is you will receive an E-mail whether you have qualified or not.

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Now,if you get approved By Google for an Adsense account you will have need to verify your pin in order to start receiving money that you make from your blog through Google Adsense.You will have to request for a pin,that will arrive through mail on the address you have provided in you account details.Once you get that pin and verify it you will be able to receive payment through check on your respective address.

But,sometimes there can be problems and a big delay in receiving the pin through Mails on your given address,it can get misplaced or even lost and it might not even reach to you.This was the problem that i faced recently,I never received the pin that i generated through Google Adsense.And due to that,my Google Ads stopped showing on my Blog.There was no other way of verifying the pin, until i found a solution to  my problem and it worked smoothly.And as you can clearly see that my Google Ads are up and running.

Let me show these simple steps that you need to perform in order to verify your Google Adsene pin instantly and easily in  3 simple steps.

Step 1:

The first thing you need to do is fill a form that Google provides to verify your pin -> Click Here

Step 2:

 Now in that form enter the details that are required,first your name and then your email address and then the publisher ID.Now you have to attach a document as an identity proof to matches the address that you have provided in your Adsense account address field.It can be a Driving License,an Identity card issued by Govt. , but remember it should have that same address that you have provided in your Adsense account details.

Step 3:

Click Submit and wait for a verification mail,that will look something like this:


After you receive an E-mail from Google Adsense regarding the verification process completion,you are all set and done to make money.

This issue of not receiving pin is mostly found among Indian Adsense user’s and it’s not the fault of Google that it is delayed,it’s the local post office’s that are not efficient.But thanks to the Online pin verification method,it’s no more an issue now.If you face any problem or have any questions regarding this process,feel free to ask.

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